Rolling in the Outdoors

June 12, 2020

You just left the Home Medical supply store with your new mobility equipment. Your new independence sparks your sense of adventure; the world is yours! But where should you go?! Here are the top 3 ADA accessible must-see places in Colorado. 


  1. Garden of the Gods: Hands down, one of Colorado’s most iconic destinations! It also happens to be very accessible. The feature route inside of the park is not only paved its also where the best views are!
  2. Rifle Falls: These iconic falls are accessible via a short paved route. Taking Instagram worthy nature shots has never been easier; the view is unbeatable. These falls are close to Rifle & Glenwood Springs, taking the family out to lunch & on a ride to see epic waterfalls is an adventure every Coloradan should add to their summer hit list.
  3. Wilderness on Wheels: Located near Bailey, Colorado, Wilderness on Wheels is a boardwalk that is one mile long and eight feet wide! Nine thousand two hundred feet above sea level, visitors can gaze at views as iconic as the famous Kenosha Pass. The added comfort of spots to fish, grill, & camp makes this the perfect wheelchair-friendly family getaway.

If you’re visiting from out of town, check out our rental equipment page! You Can home medical will keep you rolling! 


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